Holotome Profile: Tinkertock
Placeholder Titan
Base Stats
Attack 1
Defense 1
Type Mecha-Titan Scout
Size Small
Height 7"
Weight 12 lb.
Special Ability Techno-link
Series Information
Users Leonardo da Vinci
Titan created by Tinkertock.

Tinkertock is a Titan with an unforgettable look, no matter what the era is, it's appearance is best described as looking like someone took an old-fashioned alarm clock and tried to make a robot out of it, despite its appearance Tinkertock is an invaluable companion in addition to having the immense loyalty that is common among Mecha-Titans its ability is highly useful in the modern era.


Tinkertock was one of Leonard da Vinci's Titans and had its Amulet hidden in location that was clever, even for Leonardo, alongside the Amulet of the Mecha-Titan, Gearhaert, both are still lying in wait where they were last left. As of yet nobody, Seeker or otherwise, has learned so much as a rumor of the whereabouts of the Amulets, the location in which the Amulets have been hidden is under the jurisdiction of the Seeker group known as the Tempest Association.


As a scout, Tinkertock's ability was little used, and underestimated by all save Leonardo. Tinkertock's ability is to control / manipulate machines and mechanized devices, in the modern age this ability could allow Tinkertock to give a Seeker remote access to almost any computer or portable device.