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"The Tomb of The Lion"
Chapter 6
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"Under Protection"
"The Treasure of the Lions"
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Written date January 27, 2012
Series The Fight Against John Steel
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Fan-fiction created by Quilafa.

Hector is walking in the tomb. His suits Dread and Abdul Followed him. He is holding a Boltflare as a light source. They getting deeper. They entered an long room. Hmmm... I guess this is a trap room, Jokoul! Walk though this room! The Jokoul walked though the room and Jokoul is hitted by a green beam, sending it back to its amulet. Abdul, Light up this room! Abdul used boltflare and the room is lighted up. Hector shoots his own Boltflare though the room. Hector sees various colors of rays trying to hit the boltflare. Hector notice a lion head statue, Hmmm that must be the source... Avoid the traps and destroy that lion head statue Iron Monkey! Like a lamplighter the Iron Monkey avoided all the laserbeams and destroyed the Lion head statue. The Iron Monkey returned to its amulet and Hector and he suits go on with walking.

Daktari and Kayle Dolfin waling though the long room, hmmm I guess Hector already maked the traps harmless. The masked mans Nighlurker is following them. Kayle Dolfin turned herself around, hmmm it could be that we are followed, by someone... or something. She gaved Daktari an Amulet. Daktari looks at her questioningly. Its an Hoplite, maybe you need it.

Hector and his suits are standing before a Door. Hector holds and puzzle, and tries to solve it. Hmmm, Dragonfist! Hector destroyed the Puzzle. The door opend. How do you know that? Easy, agent Dread, the puzzle was though, but it looked like a snake, not an lion. So it wasn't a real puzzle. They entered a large room with a gap in the middle. 3 Lion heads on one side are pointing to 3 another Lion heads at the other side. Take us to the other side of the gap Sunhawk!

Daktari and Kayle Dolfin standing before the opened door. The go though it, and sees an Sunhawk with Hector at his back and with two Suits in his claws flying over a gap. Daktari says: Since when he has aids, and how can we go over the Gap? Boltflare! The Nighlurker is hit by Kayle's attack. The Nighlurker prepares to attack. Daktari and Kayle envokes both a Hoplite, Daktari envokes a Solwing to and Kayle envokes an extra Bellona. All titans together defeated the Nighlurker. Was it a guardian? I don't think so, in a place like Venice Hecto-Titans arn't realy common...

Hector is looking to the light he saw from Kayle's boltflare. We are followed he said and he thought is Daktari still not taked out?