The Tempest Association is a seeker group/organization with noble intentions, despite their ominous sounding name. They took the name because their founders believed that the group would have a duty to aid others in weathering the storms, or tempests, that were to come. Many of their goals and directives would make them excellent allies to the Huntik Foundation or Casterwills. Association HQ is located in a small Irish town, their world HQ is in Kyoto, Japan.

Their directives are to help others weather the oncoming storms(both literally and figuratively), Prepare others and themselves for challenges yet to come and uncover truths that are hidden from those who need them.

Titans common to the Association, as they are often referred, are Gaia-Titans and Yama-Titans

Their equivalent to the Holotome and Cypherdex is called the Mythichive, and the case looks like it is covered in wood with mystic symbols carved into it.