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Quickfix is an incredibly useful spell that can repair or heal.


Quickfix appears as a violet mist that comes from the target's hand and envelops the target.


Quickfix was originally designed as a repair spell that was easier to use than Findshape, but it was discovered to be able to be used to heal various injuries. The target of the spell is enveloped in a violet mist, which then takes all the broken pieces and puts them back in place and fused together.


Quickfix can repair almost anything that's broken, but isn't any good at other kinds of damage. A shattered pot or broken arm can be fixed rather easily, but faded parchment or a virus cannot. Also, while Quickfix can put things back together, it requires all the pieces to make a complete repair. The spell will finish when all available pieces are put into place. Also, the spell requires more power the larger the target or the more pieces it's in.