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Chapter 9
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Written date February 19, 2012
Series The Fight Against John Steel
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Fan-fiction created by Quilafa.

Kayle is in The Compound. Found anything of Hector or Numbers? No... the Compound man returned by his Holotome. Hector meets a man. Dread and Abdul are standing silently behind him. Morgan it is good to see you again... my son... relevant dad... So what is our mission? We are going to find the titan Melistro... in the city Fiume... Morgan calls his suits. These are mine Suits: Mr. Mactavish, Mr. Steel, Ms. Thorpe and my best suit Mr. Koskin. Hector Smiled. Someone uses his mobile.

So he is at the Grande venice hotel? Kayle! Hector is found, but he got a large crew of Suits now... The mobile goes off again. Oh, he is going to take a flight to Fiume... Are You sure? Ok... Kayle, you are going to Fiume, you will get help of a another huntik agent there... Paola she worked a short time with Daktari to stop Hector... Can you deliver Daktari's Solwing and Hoplite amulet to her, she like Krono-titans... You will take the flight of 17:00 Hours...

A cellphone goes off. Hi numbers... Oh, you got two other suits? they are already in Fiume? Hector closses his phone. He is sitting next to his son in a airplane. The big suit crew is also in the plane. The Plane lands.

Kayle is entering an airplane and Paola stops a taxi. Kayle is sitting in the plane. She has a feeling that someone is looking at her and she looks to the right. She sees a man with brown hear and brown eyes. He wears a nice grey suit and an red tie. Do I know you? Mister? The man says: Excusez-moi, qu'est-ce que vous following with I'm France.

I am C. Hubbs and my partner is- Hector was not listening anymore. He gets an vision. He saw two lions, One was caught in chains the other was flying free with his wings. The chained dragen begins to talk: Please remove the chains Hector go back to the chains and remove them... Please free me!!! He Saw an amulet. A hand take it... The amulet glows. Free ME!!! Hector returned to the Suits. Hector was thinking Chains... It must be a kind of clue... Maybe... Hector says: We are going to take a flight to Alexandroupoli.

Kayle's airplane lands. She meets Paola. At a toilet some figure holds a mask. He wears an grey coat. He puts the mask on his face. He opens a grey suitcase a Impet came out. The episode ended.