Holotome Profile: Micha'el
Placeholder Titan.png
Base Stats
Attack 3
Defense 7
Type Angelo-Titan
Special Ability Choir Host
Flaming Justice
Series Information
Users The Lhikan
Titan created by Lhikan634.

Micha'el is an angel-like Titan based on the angel, Michael. He is a knight-like angel with several pairs of wings which, similar to those of Lycanthrope, are a burning white-hot material. Unlike Lycanthrope, the wings of Micha'el more resemble the skeletal structure of wings and lack the region where feathers would normally grow in birds. In addition to his suit of armor, he bears a lion's skin with the lion's head over his own, with his face appearing through where the lion's mouth is, and two of the paws rest on his shoulders. The lion's mane flows from the lion's head down Micha'el's back. His armor is equipped with a number of spikes, mostly at his joints. He carries a flaming javelin in one hand and a gem-adorned shield in the other.


Micha'el's Flaming Justice ability attacks the enemy with with his javelin, and for some strange reason Titans paired to Seekers on Micha'el's side are unable to be affected by the attack. Through his second ability, Choir Host, he can summon a small number of small, angelic Titans in a similar manner to the ability of Ymir.

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