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Holotome Profile: Mariah Sing
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Biographical Information
Group Affiliation(s) Council of Light
Identifying Traits
Gender Female
Series Information
First Appearance Hunted by Shadows
Character created by Lhikan634.

Mariah Sing is an Indian-American gent of the Council of Light and operates out of the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas.


Mariah helped Jacob Lycos to escape from bring pursued by a member of a shadowy faction and introduced him to the Council of Light.

The next day Mariah used her Janusea the Gatekeeper Titan to transport the group to Mexico City, Mexico, to meet up with Marco Santiago. Upon meeting, Mariah used her Kerosan Titan, together with Orion's Furoji, to rescue a group of workers who were under threat by a mysterious faction. One of those who were rescued was Iago Jairez, who gave her information that the faction was after a Titan.