Holotome Profile: Lycanthrope
Placeholder Titan.png
Base Stats
Attack 7
Defense 7
Type Angelo-Titan
Special Ability Clone
Lupine Slash
Series Information
Users The Lhikan
Titan created by Lhikan634.

Lycanthrope is an angelic, werewolf-like Titan based on mythological symbolism of the wolf. According to this symbolism, wolves were either powerful spirits of good or powerful spirits of evil. Lycanthrope represents the good, and as such tends to only bond with Seekers of good heart and integrity. It has yellow fur with some silver-white highlights and bears armor of seemingly medieval origin. It possesses long steel claws on both hands in addition to its paws. Its face, obviously wolflike, included two long canine teeth from the top of its jaw. Its two pairs of angel wings burn white-hot with yellow and orange overtones.


Lycanthrope's Lupine Slash ability creates a white-laser slash with its claws and is an almost certain knock-out against the Organization's Swara-Titans. When in trouble, Lycanthrope's Clone ability releases light-based projections of himself to confuse the opponent.

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