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Holotome Profile: Lycan King
Placeholder Titan.png
Base Stats
Type Gaia-Titan Sorcerer/Warrior
Size Large
Powerbonding Stats
Attack 9
Defense 9
Special Ability Alpha Howl
Lunar Magic
Feral Attack
Series Information
Users Jack DireWolf
Titan created by JackWerewolf-13.

Lycan King is a large, power bonded Gaia Titan Sorcerer/ Warrior who is in the possession of Jack Direwolf. Lycan King was power bonded to Jack when Jack started out as a seeker and the first one he ever got was Lycan King. Lycan was found in a wolf statue just north of Jack's home in Australia, Jack was tracking an energy he felt and touched the stone which released a power bonded Lycan King and they became best friends and partners, due to his power bonded powers he transcended the need for a traditional Amulet, which Jack no longer had, and instead could be invoked from Jack's hand. His size rivals the legendary titan of war.

To summoning phrase for this titan is: "I call upon your power, Lycan King"


Lycan King is a noble Titan hat is gentle around children and animals yet fierce in the heat of battle. He is incredibly serious when doing an important job. He shows a dry sense of humor with good seekers. Because of his bond with Jack he can resist mind control and absorption.


Lycan King is incredibly fast and strong that can even match of the legendary titan of war in battle. When using his Feral Attack ability, he becomes a more feral and wild version of himself, becomes incredibly quick all most like a ray of moonlight and his power is boosted

Lycan King can use a powerful howl so loud that Lycan King can blow away objects or break objects with their ferocious vocal cords which can cause vibrations. Lycan King is also be able to emit a roar strong enough to damage hearing, cause fear, or paralyze. The force caused by the roar can even cancel out opposing attacks.

Lycan King is able to manipulate the power of the moon into magical attacks. He can release lunar energy to attacks of various shapes or intensities, either projected, used as a part of melee attacks, from huge rays of pure energy that can knock over or even obliterate dozens of targets, or slightly singe them. He is also able to create white shields. With his lunar magic he is able to heal others in battle and turn invisible.