Holotome Profile: Kronos
Placeholder Titan
Base Stats
Attack 5
Defense 7
Type Legendary Krono-Titan Warden
Size Average
Height 6 feet 2 inches
Weight 180 pounds
Special Ability Unstoppable Sword
Time Travel
Series Information
Users Kyle Everden
Titan created by Huntik.

Kronos is the Legendary Titan of Time and is a Krono-Titan Enchanter. He appears as a white robed man. He has human hands but his face is always cloaked in shadow. The silhouette of a hourglass is on the chest of the robe. In his right hand he wields a sickle. He is currently bonded with Kyle Everden from the U.S.


The ancient Greeks believed that Kronos and his sibling Titans (such as Iapetus and Hyperion) were gods. The few Seekers that knew what they were gave this generation of gods the name Titans for obvious reasons. Kronos's first Seeker was a powerful Seeker named Zeus. After Zeus died, Kronos was discovered by the Greek hero Perseus. Shortly before he died, Perseus secretly buried the Ring of Kronos and a magic sickle (called the Sword of Kronos) that could locate the sibling Titans in the Cave of Gaea about 7 miles north of the Oracle of Delphi. In late 2011, Kyle Everden, a young high school student, was touring the area during vacation and, after reading an account of the Titan by the Greek historian Herodotus, discovered and bonded with Kronos. He is now searching for the other sibling Titans.


The sickle that he holds can't be stopped by any known substance or power. He can take multiple people with him when he time travels and is not weakened by doing so.

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