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Holotome Profile: Killdrake
Placeholder Titan.png
Base Stats
Attack 5
Defense 3
Type Litho-Titan Warrior
Size Average
Height 7 feet
Weight 347 lbs
Special Ability Flight
Fire Immunity
Series Information
Users Japhet Leeds (Formerly)
Stephen Decatur, Sr. (Formerly)
Stephen Decatur, Jr. (Formerly)
R. W. Decatur
First Appearance TBA
Titan created by CrimsonChaos99.

Killdrake is a demonic Litho-Titan


Killdrake mostly resembles a gargoyle. It possesses the body of a muscular humanoid. It has large bat-like wings and cloven hooves. It's bat-like head features piercing red eyes and two large horns. It has a heavy tail and spikes along its back. It moves by flying or knuckle-walking.


Killdrake has one of best documented histories of any Titan. It's whereabouts can be traced back to the turn of the 18th century when it's amulet is recovered by a young seeker named Japhet Leeds, but he is disappointed to discover that he is unable to invoke the Titan. Years later, in 1735, Japhet and his wife, Deborah have settled in the colonies in the new world. On the day of the birth of their thirteenth child, an angry mob approaches their house in what is now New Jersey, believing Japhet to be an evil warlock and his wife a witch. Desperate to protect his family, Japhet is able to invoke Killdrake for the first and only time but he is unable to control it. The Titan attacks Japhet and his family before escaping the house and attacking the townsfolk, who beliefs are confirmed by the fact that Japhet has summoned a "demon". Forced to flee, Japhet uses a power on the entire Pine Barrens to keep Killdrake invoked indefinitely and he hides the amulet in the woods.

Killdrake remains invoked to terrorize the area for over forty years before, in 1778, a future Captain United States Navy named Stephen Decatur Sr. encounters it and uses the Titan Commodore to send it back to its amulet. Unlike Leeds, Captain Dectaur is able to control Killdrake, using it alongside Commodore for several years before passing both down to his son Commodore Stephen Decatur, Jr. upon his discharge from the navy. These two Titans became the signature Titans of Commodore Decatur before he too passed them down to the next seeker in the family. Recently, both Titans have come into the possession of R. W. Decatur, a direct descendant of Captain Decatur.


While not necessarily evil, Killdrake is an extremely unstable Titan. It's Fire Immunity ability causes Titans like Ignatius and powers like Boltflare to have no effect.


  • Killdrake's appearance and backstory are based on the Jersey Devil while it's name comes from "Drake Kill" which was the name Swedish explorers used for the Pine Barrens, where the Jersey Devil is said to live.
  • Japhet Leeds and both Decaturs were real people who are connected to the Jersey Devil.
  • R. W. is entirely fictional but is named after a man who allegedly photographed the Jersey Devil in 2017.