Holotome Profile: Jacob Lycos
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Biographical Information
Relations Sylvia Lycos (mother)
Group Affiliation(s) Council of Light
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Series Information
First Appearance Hunted by Shadows
Character created by Lhikan634.

Jacob Lycos is a high school student from San Antonio, Texas, with a fondness for the Internet. He is also a member of the Howling Wolf message board, through which he corresponds with his friend, Iago Jairez.


Jacob was introduced to the world of Seekers through the Howling Wolf message board, where he first met Orion. Unbeknownst to most of the users of the site, they had been observing phenomena caused by Dante Vale's Huntik Foundation team. When these observations put Jacob, on the radar of an evil faction, he was assisted in escaping to the River Walk with the help of Orion's associate, Mariah Sing.

Upon meeting the Council of Light, they were transported to the base of an Aztecan pyramid near Mexico City, Mexico, to meet Marco Santiago, an agent with the Mexican branch, and to rescue Jacob's friend, Iago Jairez. Here, Jacob uncovered one of the first Angelo-Titan Amulets known to modern Seekers.

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