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Content submitted to the Huntik Fanon Wiki must abide by a certain set of guidelines. The first level of policy are the general Wikia policies, which apply to all of Wikia. The Huntik Fanon Wiki is unable to circumvent any of the above-mentioned policies for any reason aside from direct intervention by Wikia staff. Additional local guidelines are aimed at keeping all content both free from legal violations and fair to all contributors. They are also intended to be structured such that they promote individual creativity.


First and foremost, all text-based content must be legally used. Content may not be copied from another source and submitted as one's content. Doing so may range from a violation of intellectual property rights to a violation of copyright. Any content found to have been plagiarized from another author may be removed from the Huntik Fanon Wiki without prior warning.

Crossover Content

Crossover content (use of characters from another animated series, manga, etc.) may not be submitted under any conditions per conflicting copyrights. Only Huntik characters may be used and must be cited with a proper reference and licensing template. Any crossover material may be removed from the Huntik Fanon Wiki without prior warning.

Mature Content

As Huntik has a target age group of children in elementary school, absolutely no mature content is allowed. Also, while characters may be depicted breaking laws, there is to be absolutely no encouragement of such behavior.

Language is to be kept clean at all times. While users here no doubt are familiar with swearing and obscene language, it will be held as good courtesy to abstain from using such due to the wiki's target audience. Articles deemed to be too obscene, mature, etc. may be flagged for deletion.

Users may, however, address certain difficult topics in their fan fiction that do not fall under mature content. If users are unsure whether content is acceptable, they are suggested to check with an admin prior to submission.