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The Huntik Fanon Wiki is the sister Wiki of the Huntik Wiki. The Wikia is for fans of the Huntik: Secrets & Seekers series to come together and collaborate on original characters, Titans, story lines, and anything else related to the world of Huntik. As much of the content consists of users' original works, please respect any wishes they have. If anyone's material has been added by an editor without permission, please alert an admin so we can remove it.

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All content added to the Huntik Fanon Wiki must be original content. Ideas and designs may only incorporate those of the contributors and those of Huntik. Due to copyright issues, no other sources may be used for characters or for images. Anything which is in violation of copyright as followed by the Huntik Fanon Wiki is subject to removal.

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May 16, 2013
New Look

The Huntik Fanon Wiki is currently working on sporting a new look. Feel free to yell at Lhikan634 if something doesn't look right.

March 16, 2013
Copyright Policy

The official copyright policy of the Huntik Fanon Wiki has been updated and appears on the main page under Copyright Notice. Content which has been flagged as being in violation of copyright has been categorized under Candidates for deletion. Contributors have until the end of the month to provide usage rationale for these files and pages.

February 10, 2013
The Huntik Forums Expired

The Huntik Forums of has sadly had their domain name expire just two days ago on 2/8/2013. The Huntik Forums will be missed greatly during its absence. You can go to the Blog or to the Forum threaf on the Huntik Wiki for discussion.

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Chrisenn Rough amulet.png

Chriselion is a Powerbonded Krono-Titan. With his ability, Further Sight, he can show illusions or images from other worlds, which he is naturally able to see...


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Chriselion, created by Choryunami