Holotome Profile: Gearhaert
Placeholder Titan
Base Stats
Attack 4
Defense 3
Type Mecha-Titan Warior
Size Average
Height 3' 9"
Weight 450 lb.
Special Ability "Roulette Arsenal".
He can alternate between a number of choices for almost any situation or scenario.
Series Information
Users Leonardo da Vinci
Titan created by Tinkertock.

Gearhaert (pronounced geer hahrt) is a Mech-Titan warrior that looks like it inspired Leonardo's sketches of robots. While its appearance has a utilitarian design, the helmet like extension on its head has the appearance of a Greek helmet without all the decorative aspects, it is believed that one of these Titans was held by the mythical Greek genius Daedalus.


From his sketches it's clear that Leonardo had at least one Gearhaert, it is believed that a number mythical and historical geniuses have also had access to this titan.


Gearhaert's ability makes him a Swiss camp army knife among Titans, it allows him to cycle through a variety of weapons and utensils to respond to a number of problems, the roulette effects his arms, legs, hands, back and shoulders giving him access to sword like extensions, crossbow like extensions, grappling launchers, reflective shields and a number of other accessories.

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