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Holotome Profile: Crom Cruach
Placeholder Titan.png
Base Stats
Attack 7
Defense 3
Type Gaia-Titan Warrior
Size Large
Height 25'8"
Weight 1256 lbs
Special Ability Hyper Regeneration
Powerbonding Stats
Attack 9
Defense 6
Special Ability Magic Resistance
Spell Eater
Series Information
Titan created by Tinkertock.

Crom Cruach has a massive worm like appearnce with draconic head. This Titan may not have the kind of base stats to make it a terror on the battlefield, but feeling relieved by his low defense is a mistake. When Crom Cruach attacks his primary method is to squeeze and crush his target in much the same way a python or boa would.


Crom Cruach has a history in Ireland as being an evil deity, but in the seeker world truth is stranger than fiction for this Titan. Crom Cruach has been in the hands of almost every kind of seeker which has the unfortuneate side effect of making bonding with him unpredictible. The standard form of this Titan is the basis for the tale of the Lampton Worm, Crom cruach's power bonded form is more massive and much more snake like with a grotesque face and eyes in addition to having long thing arms (which are absent from its standard form) that end in 3 sharp clawed digits. The only records left regarding this Titan other than the tale of the Lampton Worm are its battles with Cu Cullan, somehow most of this Titans history has been lost despite its being a major player in Irish seeker history.


Crom Cruach's regenerative ability makes it so that its body gets longer with every cut, when seperated all pieces of this Titan literally grow back together, from both sides. It's power bonded abilites give it a resistance to attacks from seeker spells and Titan abilities, in addition this Titan can literally eat spells to gain a temporary power bonus.

Design History

Crom Cruach's base design is based on the tale of the Lampton Worm, his power bondeded form is taken from early 2000s popular culture


  • The concept for this Titan's power bonded form was taken from the Disney series Gargoyles episode "The Hound of Ulster" as were the concept for the power bonded abilities
  • This titan gets its form and ability from the tale of the Lampton Worm