Holotome Profile: Creeper
Base Stats
Attack 2
Defense 2
Type Meso-Titan Scout
Size Average
Height 3 feet 9 inches
Weight 65 lbs
Special Ability Slipskin
Series Information
Users TBA
First Appearance TBA
Titan created by CrimsonChaos99.

Creeper is an amphibian like Meso-Titan.


Creeper possesses a truly disturbing appearance. It is a quadrupedal creature with piercing red eyes, a long tongue, no teeth, two large claws on each foot, protruding vertebrae and a long tail. Due to its abnormally long limbs, it has an extremely prominent hunched back when standing still and an unnatural-looking gait when walking. While it is not particularly large, its unusual appearance and the guttural hissing noises it makes are enough to unnerve most Seekers and Titans.


Creeper's attack and defense are both two. While its skin might appear dry, it is actually covered in slime. This slime, coupled with its slender body and long limbs, allows Creeper to squeeze its way through the even the smallest of holes as well as out of an opposing Titan's grip.


  • Creeper is based one of the three unnamed titans shown in the flashbacks in the episode "The Secret of Two Generations"
  • Despite being a Meso-Titan, Creepers size and the noises it makes are taken from the Chinese Giant Salamander


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