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Holotome Profile: Council of Light
Council of Light insignia.png
Group Information
Founder(s) Orion
Leader(s) Orion
Headquarters San Antonio, Texas
Signature Abilities
Series Information
First Appearance "Hunted by Shadows"
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The Council of Light is an organization, founded by Orion, which seeks to protect the United States from powerful and other-worldly enemies. Through the group's head of operations, this coalition of Seekers and civilians alike form a security network to monitor Titan activity.


The Council of Light was founded by a mysterious man, codenamed Orion, after witnessing a battle between two individuals, Dante Vale and a Suit, in which strange and powerful beings known as Titans were invoked. Seeing the potential for destruction, the Council of Light then formed a small surveillance network, not knowing that the larger Huntik Foundation had already been doing so for years.

While the Council of Light began in San Antonio, Texas, a large anonymous donation recently enabled them to open branches throughout the Americas. With this expanded network, the Council of Light began to more closely monitor foreign events as well after the mysterious appearance of the Red Comet thanks to the Blood Spiral. Hoping to secretly gain intelligence and information, the Council of Light opened the Howling Wolf message board as a place for "the discussion of strange and unexplainable recent events." Here, their founder, Orion, was contacted by Jacob Lycos regarding the appearance of the Blue Star.

Known Members