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Holotome Profile: Chriselion
Base Stats
Attack 7
Defense 6
Type Patron Krono Titan
Size Big
Special Ability "Further Sight".
From the stone on his forehead, he can show illusions or images from other worlds, which he's naturally able to see.
Series Information
Users Kayle Dolfin
First Appearance The Treasure of the Lions (amulet only)
A Big Victory and a Big Loss
Titan created by Choryunami.

Chriselion (Pronounce: Kree-'zeh-lee-on) is a Krono Titan, created by Choryunami at according to Choryanami this titan orgin is in Venice, Italy. Though she originally didn't aim for it, she realized this is already his powerbonded form: the normal one has probably just whiter feathers and less gold.

Design History

Choryunami start's by making a titan named Chrisenn. She was just wanting to colour something quickly, and trying to find out something about this lovely, fluffy Titan... She based it at the winged lion statues of Venice when she drawn him. She later changed it to the current design. Also she changed the name into Chriselion.