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Holotome Profile: Arawn the Hunter
Placeholder Titan.png
Base Stats
Attack 3
Defense 3
Type Gaia-Titan Archer
Size Average
Special Ability Target Shot
Series Information
Users Robin Hood
Lok Lambert
First Appearance Return of Evil
Titan created by Huntik.

 Arawn the Hunter is Gaia-Titan archer, who is related to Robin Hood. Arawn the Hunter was in possession of Robin Hood, but now he is in the possession of Lok Lambert.


In Return of Evil, it was used in the fight against the Blood Spiral. Arawn the Hunter battled against Marauder. Arawn shot Marauder with his bolts, but Arawn later was defeated by Midnight Rook by falling of the cliff.


Arawn can use his arrow to shot enemy from large distances. With his Target Shot ability he can fire multiply bolts to defeat powerful enemies, such as Executioner.



  • Arawn the Hunter's name possibly comes from Arrow and Hunter.
  • Arawn is possibly related to Arrow.
  • It's summoning command is Shoot them down, Arawn the Hunter!