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"A Big Victory and a Big Loss"
Chapter 8
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"The Treasure of the Lions"
"Preparations and a Vision"
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Written date January 28, 2012
Series The Fight Against John Steel
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Fan-fiction created by Quilafa.

Kayles eyes are glowing and she shout Chriselion! The Icon is showed and the clip of Chriselion. Hector takes his Teknonomicon. Chriselion: Attack 7, Defense 6, Type Patron Krono Titan, Size Big, Special Ability Further Sight. Oh no... Dread, Abdul re-group! They used Nimblefire. The Chriselion is flying to the Organization members. Hector and his suits are together now. Daktari comes up with great difficulty. Wow its beautiful! Hector used Touchram, and Dread used Augerfrost. Abdul used Shadowspeed to jump and then he used Darkstorm in the air. The Chriselion dodge the spells with ease. The Chriselion's stone on his forehead glows. In a split second Hector gets a vision. He whispers Melistro... We can't win: retreat! With help of Shadowspeed the Suits and Hector leaved the room. No, the gap, we can't go over it! Sunhawk is already defeated... The Chriselion tries to break though the wall becouse the door is to small for him. Hector used his Teknonomicon. Scan this room quick! Hmmm, come at this bridge! The run to the other side of the gap. The Chriselion breaks through the wall, but they have escaped.

Daktari smiled to Kayle and she smiled back. We did it. Kayle returned her Chriselion. They walked outside the room. Do you have a boyfriend or are your married? No... They walked over the bridge. Your... you are... realy beautiful. Kayle laughed softly. The reached the opposite side and go though the door. The looked to each other. They reached the long room. Than... Daktari kissed Kayle. They hold each other in the arms. They walked outside the tomb. Rippleburst! Daktari get hit. He was bleeding. E-ever- Powerstop! Kayle sees an man standing on the roof with next to him was a Impet. Touchram! He protected himself with Armorbrand and runned away with Darkrace. Everfight... It doesn't work! No please Daktari... Can you please defeat Hector... Yeah I will try... Can you please kill that masked assasin? I will do that... ...Kayle... I... will always.. L... OVE... You... NO! Daktari! Please! don't die! stay with my! She holds the dead body of Daktari in her arms. She Cries...

Hector calls with someone. My son, I heard you finished your mission... Can you help my with mine? bye Morgan...

Kayle is in the Huntik Foundation Compound. It looks like she never cried at all... She talked calmly to the Compound man. So he is dead... Yeah...

Hector's mobile is ringing. With Hector... Oh... Great... So Daktari is dead? Great work... So there was a girl with him... Did you take her out? No? Thats your next mission... He hangs up.