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• 1/10/2014

2014 Changes

Hey everyone. With 2014 here, and me with some actual free time this semester, I think it's time to get some things rolled out to catch up with the main Huntik Wiki.

Clear Policies

Currently, there is very little "policy" on this wiki. For some users, this may mean that some things aren't clear, such as any expectations on content. I'll be importing relevant policies from the main Huntik Wiki and modifying them as necessary. This should make some things clearer without getting too strict.

Policy Messages

As on the main Huntik Wiki, I will be manually sending out notifications about the new policies to all users, both active and inactive.

Welcome Messages

Evidently I had previously forgotten to import formatted welcome messages. Once the policy section is up and running, I will be able to include a blurb on policy


Back in the nuts-and-bolts portion of the wiki are a number of default templates. Many, such as the documentation templates, are unused and do not pertain to the Huntik Fanon Wiki. I will be sorting through these sections to remove the "cobwebs" and to get more up-to-date on overviews.

Several used templates are also going to be undergoing revision or going to be made removed for streamlining.

Image License Templates

Image licensing can seem like an unnecessary or confusing step at times, but it's nonetheless very crucial. This importance is especially true for original artists whose work is displayed here.

I will be working on developing a new template and updating the uploader to deal with copyright and license. The intent is that this be easy to use and straightforward while at the same time addressing all relevant points

I will also be working on applying this template to existing images.

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• 9/24/2014

Several conventions have been adhered to for the duration of the Huntik Fanon Wiki. For the most part, these have ben unwritten guidelines agreed upon by the Huntik fandom. I'll be trying to write them up here in preparation to move forward with the policy section.

  • Titan stats are to be capped at 10 / 10, the stats of Overlos
  • Characters, objects, and terms may not be named after those in other series except when based on mythology. For instance, "Ra" may be used whereas "The Winged Dragon of Ra" may not be used due to being a part of the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe.
  • Pages must include more than just an Infobox. Such pages will be considered to be abandoned after a month or so and may be removed.
  • Images must be self-copyright, from Huntik, or edited from Huntik images. Repeat copyright infringement may lead to a minor block if it becomes blatant disregard for copyright law.
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